How To Deal With Vaginal Discharge - Myths And Facts

Published: 05th November 2008
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There are different kinds of vaginal infections that can cause vaginal discharge in women. The most common being vaginal yeast infections.

Most women suffer at some point in their life with an unpleasant or smelly vaginal discharge.

Are you one of these women or is your partner?

Do you have a excessive vaginal discharge or discolored one that you feel isn't normal?.

Did you know that there are things that can help to provide a solution to unpleasant vaginal discharge?

Did you know that abnormal vaginal discharge is more prevalent in Western countries more than in Developing countries?

You see in the West we have an abnormal amount of women complaining about vaginal discharge, which practically doesn't exist in "undeveloped" parts of the world.

Some women may have encounter different colors of vaginal discharge and have doubt what the causes are. Here are the explanations:

Yellow vaginal discharge: This is caused by bacteria. It will have fishy smell or the rotting smell. This mostly comes from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). The person, who has this, needs to urgently consult the doctor since the symptom can aggravate.

Green vaginal discharge: The more severe form of bacteria infection in the vagina.

Bloody vaginal discharge or pink vaginal discharge:This comes from the bacterial infection in the urethra. A lot of time it comes with lower abdominal pain and need to urinate often. The cause of bacterial infection is mainly holding the urination for too long, not urinate while you feel you need to, and the germs grow in the urethra. Again, the symptom needs to be cured by prescription medicine.

One effective way to deal with smelly vaginal discharge is to use unscented panty liners. These are more compact versions of the feminine pads many of us wear during our menstrual cycle. The difference with panty liners is that they are designed specifically to absorb the discharge that causes unpleasant odors during your cycle. You may think that choosing a scented variety will be more helpful but that actually can make the smell even more potent. With the unscented variety the pad will simply absorb the odor without releasing an unnatural scent.

Changing to cotton panties is another easy way to help control the odor of smelly vaginal discharge. When a woman sweats more, the scent becomes that much more noticeable. Cotton is a very breathable fabric and really is the best choice. Try this and you'll see the difference.

Also, don't be afraid to wash yourself more often when you are experiencing smelly vaginal discharge. We're all so accustomed to having a bath or shower once a day, but you may find some relief by washing yourself more frequently. Try switching to a cleansing product that doesn't have a fragrance.

Smelly vaginal discharge is a problem that plagues countless women and can reoccur every few months. There are effective treatments for the condition that don't just mask the odor, they actually treat the problem and eliminate it.

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